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As a personal trainer you have a captive audience and your clients expect sound advice on all aspects of health and fitness irrespective of what their specific goals maybe.

Launching your own range of sports supplements gives you the opportunity to introduce a new income stream to your personal training business.​

Cross sell your supplements to your client base and add real value to your business.

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Taster pack

4x Pre-workout

2x Strawberry & Lime
1x Blue Raspberry
1x Lemon & Lime

250g Tub

4x Whey Protein

1x Chocolate
2x Strawberry
1x Vanilla

1kg Pouch

4x iBCAA

1x Strawberry & Lime
2x Cola
1x Lemon & Lime

250g Tub

To view the nutritional information/ingredients CLICK HERE

Now just £180.00

Potential return £330