Q&A: GymCareer & Nexus Training kick-start careers in health & fitness

GymCareer, and training provider, Nexus Training, have recently joined forces to help kick-start careers in the health and fitness industry. We caught up with Nexus Training owner, James McNeill, to see how their students are benefiting from the partnership.

How has the link with GymCareer been received by your students?

The link with GymCareer has been received very well. Employment after qualification is something a lot of potential students have questions about. Having the option of using a company like GymCareer to help them should they wish to work in an established gym environment with access to potential clients is a massive boost.

What benefits does this link have for yourself as a training provider?

The partnership strengthens the existing career support Nexus Training already offer, we want to show our learners that we’re doing everything we can to improve their footing within the health and fitness industry. The benefits for ourselves are that we feel confident referring our learners to GymCareer, as it’s clear that they’re experts in their field. That is obvious when you look at the gyms they’re linked with. Also, from a marketing point of view, they’re helpful because there are still people out there who are unaware of the qualifications needed to become a PT. GymCareer have helped inform potential students of what is necessary to follow the career they want.

What is the most positive thing you have found from partnering with GymCareer?

It’s important to us that we work with companies that will benefit our students once they’ve qualified. It was clear from the start that GymCareer are passionate about what they do and how they’re going to help our students. This matches with our own company’s ethos meaning it was a perfect fit. They’re keen to help in the employment of our students as well as offering further career advice if needed. The staff we have been in contact with have been more than helpful when setting up the partnership as well as providing images and leaflets etc that we can use when discussing the link with the students.

GymCareer are always looking for new partnerships with training providers, gyms and other businesses involved in the health and fitness industry. Get in touch!