How to become a Personal Trainer

Like the large majority of the UK population, January brings about the desire for change. A new career is one of the goals or resolutions many of us set. If you’re passionate about fitness then you’ve likely considered becoming a personal trainer. You might have even used google to search “How to become a personal trainer”.

Become a personal trainer

To become a personal trainer, you will need to have differing skills. The ability to be patient, methodical, organised, a keen listener and a great ability to motivate. As you’ll be working with people from different backgrounds and different skill abilities. We wouldn’t say that you need to look like a bodybuilder, however, you will want to give your clients confidence that you know how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Qualifications needed

There are two main qualifications that you need to be a fully qualified personal trainer firstly the Level 2 Gym Instructor or equivalent. This opens the door to the fitness industry, covering the basics of customer care, health and safety, programming and the delivery of exercise. It’s this knowledge which is developed upon within the Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate with advanced anatomy and physiology, nutrition and advanced training and delivery techniques.

These two qualifications can be achieved separately, some prefer to get their foot in the door and then progress onto the next qualification. However, there is the possibility to combine the two qualifications needed to become a personal trainer. This allows people to save time and more importantly money when completing their qualifications. The diploma in fitness instructing and personal training allows learners with no prior fitness qualifications to become a fully qualified personal trainer in as little as 12 weeks.

This article has been taken from the free booklet “7 tips for becoming a personal trainer” a booklet with the most common questions answered. If you want to read the other questions learners ask when enrolling in their course then head here and download yours today!

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