First day as a PT? Here’s a few tips!

If you are starting employment as a PT at a new workplace it can sometimes be a daunting experience as you are, I suppose, walking into the unknown.  You are sure to want to impress, so we have put together a little bit of a guide for you as to some of the things you can do on your first day of work to stand out and impress.

Get to know your clients / potential clients
From the offset I would wholeheartedly recommend this as one of the most important things you do.  You want to be the PT that everybody knows and remembers, so by introducing yourself to people and letting them know that you are there for them and any queries or questions they may have, you will stick in their mind.


Don’t Criticise anybody
Whatever you do don’t Criticise anybody, whether it is a customer or a colleague.  Yes you will be in competition with them, but by being polite about them and not being derogatory you will be able to show people the character you have which can lead to them becoming clients.


Get to know your gym
There is nothing better than a PT who knows the different areas of his gym, and where the equipment is.  On day one, make sure you know where things are as you will undoubtedly be asked at some point during the day, and if you know this will build up a level of trust between you and the customer.


Ask questions
Make sure that you ask lots of questions when you get there and throughout the day.  No knowledge is bad knowledge and the more you know, the more you’ll gain from the company.


Show what you know already
Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out on occasion and show your management team and potential clients what you know already.  You could earn extra brownie points this way and be seen as a great investment by the company, and someone that can be invested in money and time wise by a client.


Shadow another PT
It is always helpful if you can shadow a current PT to see how they operate and what company rules and regulations they have to follow.  Not only that, you get to see how they interact with clients and other gym users, and this can help you personally when it comes to you finding your own clients to work with.

One other vital thing when turning up to your PT job on Day One is to turn up on time, eager and ready to learn.  As the saying goes ‘the early bird catches the worm’ – don’t leave anything to chance. Make a good first impression and reap the benefits and rewards it brings you.


Good Luck in your career as a PT!