Common mistakes on personal trainer CVs

Are you eager to begin a career in the fitness industry? Or perhaps you’re a personal trainer seeking a position at a new gym? This post will cover common CV mistakes to give you the best chances at a successful job application. Remember, a well written CV could be the difference between remaining where you are and starting a new life in your gymcareer!

Forgetting contact details

Although this is a simple point, applicants sometimes forget to include this vital piece of information. How will prospects be able to contact you? With no way to reach you, there is little reason to continue reviewing your CV.

Out of date information

It is important to ensure your CV is up to date with all qualifications before uploading. This will help you avoid the risk of rejection. Prospects are looking to work with candidates with up to date knowledge and who can meet the demands of the changing fitness landscape. Your qualifications are the way you show this.

Location & eligibility

Be clear regarding your current address & eligibility to work in the UK. If you live overseas, have you made sure your qualifications are UK recognised? In order for your application to be processed help prospects understand your situation a little better.

Current status

If you apply whilst still training for your qualification and you are passing soon, be clear on the due date and your availability.

Not having your cv reviewed

It is important to make sure your CV has been reviewed thoroughly and includes the vital information required. The gymcareer website provides a free CV review.

Improper formatting

Have you made sure your CV is clear and concise? Is it easy to read? According to National Citizen Service (NCS) on average a CV is reviewed in 8.8 seconds (Smith 2017). The easier your CV is to read the higher your chances of landing your dream job!

Repeating Information

When sharing your past work experiences try not to just repeat the same information you may have already mentioned under another job role. Instead you should try to show a variety of skill sets across your work experiences. What responsibilities did you have at one organisation or gym that you may not have had at another?

Grammatical mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen, we are only human! However, taking the time to read over your CV can help you eliminate a lot of these spelling errors. If you don’t have the time, ask a friend to help for a minute or two. Alternatively, there are also a ton of useful tools, such as Microsoft word’s in-built spell checker and Grammarly.

Supplying false information

While it is important to sell yourself to a prospective employer, it is important not to purposefully supply incorrect information to increase your chances of getting hired. It may seem like a good idea, but you are putting yourself and other people at risk by assuming a position you are not qualified for.

Tailor your application

If you are applying for a role then surely you are keen to land it right? If the answer is yes then it is worthwhile taking the time to create a tailored version of your CV which is relevant to the role you are applying for. Nobody wants to read a CV which is 8 pages long, although you may have some very important experience from your past roles, keep the experience relevant to what the recruiter wants to see. Don’t be afraid to remove irrelevant experiences and use short descriptive sentences and bullet points to give you the best chance of success.

How strong is your CV?

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