4 ways to get new PT clients in January

As a Personal Trainer, you are going to need clients to train, right? This will involve some work from your side as you aren’t just going to be given them, you have to work for them and essentially ‘sell’ your skills, knowledge and experience as something that is a tangible benefit to your potential client. There are lots of ways that you can obtain clients as a Personal Trainer, and here we have put together some of the top ways to help you kick-start your own portfolio.

Talk, Talk, Talk
Networking with potential clients is the simple way forward.  If you don’t speak to people, you’re not going to get any business.  In simple terms, that’s 100% factual.  You need to ensure that you are going out of your way to speak to people face to face on the gym floor.  Doing this will allow you to build rapport and relationships, and this can then lead to a client base starting to build up for you.


Invest in yourself
So we’ve clarified that you need to speak to people to gain business. This will go as far as leaving a mark with that person, and they may remember you but you might need something more. Business cards, advertisements, those types of materials that are guaranteed to stay with customers more than just a conversation. Spend money on good quality business cards (have methods of contacting you on here) and advertisements that can be handed out to people you meet both in the gym and outside. You never know when someone might give you a call.


Ensure client satisfaction is high
Always check with current clients that they are satisfied with your service. If they are (they should be!), ask if they can recommend you to any friends or family members that might be looking for a PT. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and if you can crack it you will see results.


Create spaces for all of your clients to meet and discuss ideas
This could be done at the gym, but would depend on your client’s time schedules, or could even be done online. Make them feel part of a community on a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, and promote it on there. This can reach copious amounts of people who might take a further look and decide that they want to be a part of it too.

There are other ways to gain clients of course, The real key is you. If you’re motivated and enjoy your job, you should be happy to speak to people and reach out to people no matter what. Stay positive, stay energised, stay real – follow this mantra and you’ll succeed. Watch those clients roll in!